Bubululu Featured at No Leash Required- A special event to benefit SurfAid

Bubululu Malibu was so proud to be apart of the No Leash Required, a special event to benefit SurfAid International. It was the opening event for the MSA Classic Surfing Contest presented by the Malibu Surfing Association, honoring noted artist/ photographer Steven Lippman and his Blue Project. A Bubululu Swimsuit was auctioned off along with designer Heather Gardners beautiful Tigerlily jewelry and a Surfmonk bamboo cover-up.

Bubululu+ Tigerlily= Gorgeous
Please take the time to read THE SURFAID STORY.

In 1999, physician and surfer Dr Dave Jenkins went on a surf charter to the Mentawai Islands with one goal in mind: to find perfect waves.

The surf proved to be everything he hoped for but he also found the Mentawai people, mostly women and children, suffering and dying from the ravages of malaria and other preventable diseases.

Dave found that he was unable to just walk away. It was a defining life moment. He sought support from long-time friend Dr Steve Hathaway, an epidemiologist, and in January 2000 they co-founded SurfAid International, a non-profit organization dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering through community-based health programs.

In the aftermath of the 2004 Asian Tsunami and 2005 Nias Earthquake, SurfAid expanded its operations to Nias. With the support of the New Zealand and Australian Governments, the global surfing and wider community, and most importantly the Mentawai and Nias people of the affected areas themselves, SurfAid has come to exemplify the healing power of cross-cultural partnerships."

Bubululu Fashion Show at the Air Conditioned in Venice CA

Anahit, Sophia, DJ Jacques, Kimberly, JoAnna, Lynds, Caitlin, Brittany, Carley, Sydney, Bianca, Naomi and Kathy- THANK YOU GIRLS SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS FASHION SHOW ROCK!!!

Bubululu in WestEast Magazine

Special thanks to stylist Sybil Steele and photographer Paul de Luna. The shots turned out amazing and the model looks so beautiful in Bubululu Malibu Bikinis!