SEXY FANS- We Love You in Bubululu!!!

Sybil Steele Photography makes the cover of with Bubululu Malibu Look Book 2011!!!

Well girls, she's at it again! If you have a second, check this out!

Fans like Kate keep Bubululu smiling!

Kate's bikini top from fall 2009 had seen its day so she contacted us about a replacement AND of course we replace anything! Kate wrote us a thank you letter and it made our day so we thought we would share :)
"Thank you so much! I really like how you run your business and I am so glad to get a replacement. I will definitely spread the word about your line, you make great stuff! Best, Kate"
Thanks Kate for being such an awesome fan!

Hot Chicks in Bubululu Bitchin' Malibu- SUMMER 2010

To all our HOT FANS- Thank you for making Bubululu Malibu what we are today, A BITCHIN' BRAND!

Jo Newman in Bubululu Malibu

Amazing shoot last week with John Hildebrand Photography and actress Jo Newman. Got some amazing pics of her in local designer creations like Shannon Lewis's Bubululu Bikinis & Organic Clothing
( get them locally at Drill Surf and Skate ) and THE KUSH COLLECTION. See Jo's new movie "Love and Other Drugs" - her breakout role - with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway opening next month.

Trunk Show @ Sun Kissed in Manhattan Beach featuring Bubululu Malibu & Aila Blue

To all my SoCal Chickas that want something sexy to sport at the beach... If your in/around or close to Manhattan Beach CA- YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS...