Anna Beck Designs

Do you ever put on a piece of jewelry and the second it touches your skin you can feel its power? Well thats exactly what Anna Beck Jewelry is all about. Anna Beck Designs make you feel gorgeous, confident and unstoppable. Los Angeles based Anna Beck Designs is a contemporary jewelry collection that uses one of the oldest jewelry making techniques from the Far East. With the collections consisting of timeless necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and cuffs there is surely a piece for everyone. The beautiful designer and owner, Becky Hosmer, is a dear friend and a very incredible kind and gentle woman with a creative passion that is too strong for words. Last April Becky was so kind as to open up her home to little ole' me :) While I stayed with her we developed a bond of friendship so strong- that I am proud to say we will forever be intertwined.
Beckys newest collection, Gilli Stone, is by far the hottest collection yet!!! I had the honor of being asked to model for this collection that was shot by photographer Sybil Steele, so please take a look at he beautiful new Anna Beck Designs :)
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