I've taken a few weeks off the whole blogging gig- but I'm back- and in full force ;) Its been two months since I had my heartbroken and have been separated from my fiancé. The first month I couldn't eat or sleep- just cry and cry and cry. The second month got a little better (thank god- because I thought my life was over) ... Came home from Bali and unpacked our house, packed up all his belongings and bleached every corner in our tiny studio. I bought a giant dream catcher to put above my bed to try to keep away all my dreams of sadness and then finally, saged the little home we used to live in together. So instead of that dual intense, passionate energy full of memories that was floating around this place- its now calm. Calm, still and pure- purely my own little temple :)
And now on another note :) IT HAS BEEN A GREAT SUMMER FOR BUBULULU MALIBU- SO THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO IS SUPPORTING OUR BRAND- WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! As apart of the whole broken heart healing process I have been spending the most of my free time in the most special place in the world :) MALIBU. With family and close friends we have been blessed with the best summer weather of all time- and enjoying every moment of it!
And while I've been walking this beach everyday with my little soulmate Tuesday Lewis (I couldn't live through this break-up without her!)
We came across all these hotties struttin their bangin bods in Bubululu Malibu
We also have some amazing new shipments at these stores that they just received! PINNACLE MALIBU, MALIBU MADISON LOS ANGELES, MALIBU ALOHA AINA, HONOLULU BOHEMIA, MAUI

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  1. I looked for your booth at Swimwest today but saw no Bubululu ;( I will def go to Pinnacle next time im in LA to get my annual fix of your 'kini's.