Happy International Women's Day!!!

Today I would really like to tell you all about an incredible shirt that has changed my life and that will change yours too- I promise :)

This "shirt" is actually called IntelliSkin. Intelliskin comfortably conforms to your body to make you instantly feel taller, leaner and stronger. I wear my IntelliSkin shirt while I do physical activity, computer work and when I sit for long periods of time like during a flight.
Please check out the picture of the IntelliSkin Shirt and also read below about the incredible benefits of this amazing shirt!
Visit www.IntelliSkinUSA.com to order yours today!

The Most Advanced Evidence-Based Functional Performance Shirt

Stand Tall and Ready in the IntelliSkin Eve Shirt. Wear to work, to play and to compete.

The Eve is scientifically designed to retrain your body to achieve optimal muscular balance and function through proper alignment and quality of movement. Created by sports medicine expert and accomplished athlete, Dr. Tim Brown, IntelliSkin’s patent-pending line of shirts incorporate advanced sports science, medical research and design and construction to naturally trigger an instant, predictable sensorimotor response. Positive results are nearly 100% predictable, which is why IntelliSkin is the intelligent second skin recommended by leading health professionals and elite athletes worldwide.

IntelliSkin Technology stimulates your skin’s nerve receptors to create intelligent noise that self-corrects muscle imbalances common to most everyone. Over time and with consistent use, the IntelliSkin shirt retrains your body to maintain correct posture through natural muscle memory. People who try IntelliSkin for the first time tell us that they look, feel and function better when they wear IntelliSkin.

So, put on the Eve and instantly feel taller, leaner and stronger.

The functional benefits you will experience include:

1. Improved spinal alignment and posture
2. Increased mobility, stability, muscular balance and energy
3. Better respiration and oxygen flow to the brain and muscles
4. More rapid recovery and greater healing efficiency

The Eve is carefully crafted with lightweight performance fabric for maximum comfort no matter where you are or what you are doing.

The Eve is commonly worn during:

» Physical training/exercise
» Performance/sports competition
» Recovery from training
» Travel on planes or long car trips
» Daily activities, as an undergarment
» Computer work or sitting at a desk
» Long periods of standing

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