OUR #1 FAN (and best friend!) SOPHIA

Aloha Ladies!
Today's post is dedicated to my best friend and number #1 fan, Princess Sophia :)
If you live on the North Shore you most definitely have seen this gorgeous girl struttin' around in her Bubululu's. With a body I only dream of having and a heart bigger than anyone I know (except for my mamas!) I am so proud and extremely lucky to call her my best friend. Sophia has been a huge support of our company and an amazing representative of what Bubululu stands for, she really is a true connoisseur of flirty beach style. We love you Sophia and are so grateful for your continued support! XO


  1. Awe! This is the best. Everything Shan says is so true. Rock it Sophia! I love her and I love Bubululu :)


  2. Thank you, my Beautiful Princess Face! Best friends are everything! Couldn't ask for a better one! I love you and your sexy Bubululus! XO

    Sophia <3

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