Dorito's Beach Bash!!!

Last weekend a few friends and I got together to make this video that we entered into the Doritos Super Bowl commercial contest. It was a super fun day spent with good friends and definitely tons of laughter going down! Special thanks to Brendan O'neill and Jake Fedder for bringing me on board to act in the commercial as well as to style the shoot with Bubululu Malibu swimwear and organic clothing. Actress Chelsea Bulte was wearing our "Beach Dress" in Royal and "The Hut" boy short and "Kalani" halter top in Bella Leopard, actress Jackie Wallack was wearing our "One Shoulder Mini" in Orange Floral and the "Wildlife" bottom and "Kendra" bandeau in Neon Peach, and I was wearing our "Aruba Dress" in teal and then my Bubululu "Mila" bow halter and "Fernhill" bow bottom in the color Emma Green. Check out the videos and some behind the scenes shots below. XO BUBULULU

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