Innersection 2012 World Premiere & Micah's Leukemia Fundraiser

EVERYONE!!! Please attend this event if your in the SoCal area!!! Its going to be a great night benefiting a great cause AND a Bubululu Malibu Bikini will be auctioned off too!
World Premiere for a Good Cause
When: November 30th
Time: 6pm & 8:30 pm
Location: La Paloma Theatre-471 S Coast Highway 101 Encinitas, CA 92024 (760) 436-5774
Cost: $12-advanced purchase $10-box office
The Premiere Lineup:
Albee Layer (by Elliot Leboe)
Richard Christie (by Damon Meade)
Reubyn Ash (by Tim Boydell)
Nat Young (by Ryan Moss)
Jamie O'Brien (by Damon Meade)
Peter Devries (by Adam Chilton & Jeremy Koreski)
Torrey Meister (by Aaron Leiber)
Harley Ingleby (by Tom Woods)
Tonino Benson (by Ryan Moss)
Josh Mulcoy (by Patrick Trefz & Zack Hill)
Brett Barley (by Sean Benik)
Sebastian Zietz (by Lachlan McKinnon)
Tanner Gudauskas (by Graham Nash)
Gabriel Villeran (by Kyle Buthman)
Shaun Cansdell (by Ryan Kenny)
Lief Engstrom (by Calvin Knowlton & Etan Blatt)
Cody Thompson (by Sean Benik)
Hank Gaskell (by Dan Norkunas)
Kiron Jabour (by Kyle Buthman)
Matt Meola (by Dan Norkunas)

The Good Cause:
Micah has been a happy & healthy 5 year old boy, since his VBAC birth into the arms of UCLA Medical Center midwives. We have been a green family for 8 years, growing food, feeding & breathing as organic as it'll come in Los Angeles!

To our surprise on September 15, 2011 Micah was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). He was hospitalized for 3 weeks and endured countless procedures and treatments. Micah has been extraordinarily calm, brave and responsive to holistic ways of coping with pain, discomfort, fear and stress.

ALL is treatable and has an 85% cure rate. Micah has weekly chemo at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center Cancer Clinic until June 2012, then monthly until 2014. He was hospitalized again, over Halloween weekend, for a fever and low red blood cell count. We anticipate that he will be hospitalized again and again, as much as is needed to keep him well during cancer treatment.

Don, Micah's dad, is working hard to keep our health insurance and keep up with the numerous and continuous medical bills. I'm working hard loving, supporting and caring for Micah and his 2 sisters. We are so grateful to the Steele Families and dear San Diego friends and community for organizing and supporting this fundraiser with love and generosity.


Diem-Mi Burton, proud mama of Micah

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