Back to Bali we go...

BALI is a second home to me. It is an island that will always hold a special place in my heart. I've been coming here for the past 6 years and have met people from all walks of life that have forever made an impression on me. For this I will forever be grateful. For those of you that have been coming to Bali for many years will notice the big changes, for me, they are not the most positive of changes. Many new developments and more air and water pollution than I could have ever imagined. There is still untouched sacred land and I pray that it stays this way. But with all things in life comes change. Without change, we wouldn't all be where we are today. My favorite part about Bali has always been, and I think always will be, the people. The people are what makes me keep coming back time after time always with the feeling of excitement and joy. Some of my closest girlfriends live here in Bali and I can't even begin to explain how comforting it is to travel all the way across the world and feel like I'm at home. One of my closest girlfriends is a woman named Becky. Becky has lived here for years and runs a very successful and powerfully healing jewelry company called Anna Beck Designs. Please check out her gorgeous jewelry at Yesterday was Becky's birthday and I am so lucky to have been here to celebrate with her and bring in the new year that she has ahead.
This trip will be a very positive and successful one, I can just feel it :) My babykins arrives next week and my sister the week after. Now all we need to get over here is my little mama. I am so excited for the adventures ahead and thank you to all of my friends in Bali, you know who you are ;) XO BUBULULU

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