Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Edition 2012

This years Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Edition absolutely blew me away!!! The team obviously works unbelievable together because the magazine turned out amazingly gorgeous! The photographer, Michael Sterling Eaton, did such a fantastic job capturing the right shot to show the perfect vibe of the suit and the energy of the location. We had the pleasure of becoming friends with Tristin Akahoshi- who is the mastermind behind the whole project and such an incredibly inspirational woman that absolutely works her little honey off to produce such a gorgeous mag! And then there is miss Conor Graham who's just oozes with style! Every shot was styled to the T and Bubululu Malibu is so grateful that she did such a great job making Bubululu look stunning! Thank you so much to everyone at Surfing Magazing. Mama Jayne is so proud to have her "Tuesday" beaded fringe top and "Broadbeach" silver conch belt bottom in Surfing Mag on a double page!!! Please check out the photos below and we hope you enjoy!

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